The SuperMom MBA Program  

"Activate Your Inner Wonder Woman and 

Shine Bright Without Burning Out" 

Learn How to Help Other Women Cultivate Their God Given Powers 

Imagine a program so perfectly matched for you and your current situation that it feels like it must have been divinely inspired. A program so valuable that it has benefits lasting a lifetime. 

Imagine learning what’s at the core of your family relationships and how you can quickly “Flip the Script” to one of health, happiness and harmony.

  • Learn what is driving and undermining your office’s culture and team dynamics. Learn the skills to stop the cycle of chronic stress and “flip the script” at your office to skyrocket productivity and job satisfaction. 
  • Identify, understand and map how your genetic makeup is programming your health, wealth, career and relationships.
  • Identify and remove the Gremlins in your Head that are causing so much internal chatter, pain, suffering and self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Learn how to clear your subconscious mind of the old and unhealthy data that you've downloaded over the years.
  • Learn how to rewire your brain for success, happiness and health
This isn’t just a little time for yourself to get away from it all.  

This is a deep dive spiritual experience with great personal Self-Care and Self Love. You will enjoy lasting peace of mind, inner calmness and a renewed spiritual connection to your natural god given powers.

Everyone is familiar with the concept of going to a spa to rejuvenate and recharge.  Think of the SuperMom MBA Program as a combination Spiritual Spa, Wellness Retreat and Coaching Workshop. 

A program that not only helps you look and feel better but helps position you as a Certified Health Design Specialist capable of helping other women find and activate their inner "Wonder Women" spiritual energy and sacred power.  

This is a special program for those SuperMoms that have a desire to "break free" from their downward spiral and share their story of success! This program is NOT for everyone! You have to be ready and willing to go on a Wellness Journey to regain your Spark, Shape, Sleep, Sass and Sex.  

  • Learning how to clear all of your stress triggers and break the downward cycle of chronic stress that leads to so many illnesses.
  • Learning to enjoy Self Care and Self Love and how to activate your gifts of healing and intuition so you can Shine Bright Without Burning Out
  • Learning to be the "in house" wellness coach for your family and/or office.
  • Learning how to use holistic and alternative therapies to successfully address:
  -         Insomnia, Sleep Deprivation, and Migraines
  -         Chronic Fatigue and BurnOut
  -         Adrenal Fatigue, Hormone Imbalances, and Thyroid Dysfunction
  -         Digestive Issues, and Food/Chemical Allergies, and Sensitivities
  -         Obsessive Behaviors and Addictions
  -         Depression and Anxiety and more

Everyone has natural healing gifts, but not everyone knows how to activate and utilize them.  

This fun and interactive wellness program is scheduled over 24 consecutive weeks. 

Each week offers a themed module that will help you move forward on your own personalized wellness journey while learning to activate your own intuitive and healing powers.     

The MBA staff will include counselors, wellness coaches, medical intuitives, energy medicine specialists and other alternative practitioners working together to personalize your program so it addresses your highest priorities.   
The 26 Week SuperMom MBA Program is Divided into 3 Mini Courses:

- Implementing a Wellness Retreat
- Activating Your Medically Intuitive Gifts
- Energy Medicine - Using Your God Given Powers

1) Implementing a Wellness Retreat - During this 12 week mini course you will learn how to facilitate wellness retreats, develop personalized wellness plans and support SuperMoms on their wellness journey. During the course you will get hands on experience by beginning your own wellness journey and working with wellness coaches to create and implement your own personalized wellness plan.

This course provides you with a weekly playbook that provides a step by step blueprint. Each week there will be a specific topic to
study, one or two exercises/activities to complete and a reflective journaling assignment.

We have created each weekly module, so it can be delivered via a combination of a printed Playbook, an online coaching sanctuary, “spa type” treatments, interactive group wellness activities and one on one wellness coaching sessions.

The following are the Wellness Coach modules for this portion of the program:

1) Self Love – Raising Your Energetic Frequency so you can Live in a Daily State of Love, Joy and Peace 

2) Self Care is Not Selfish - Breaking Free from Unhealthy Belief Systems and Negative Patterns 

3) Out Smarting Stress and Reclaiming Your Sleep - Clearing Stress Triggers Subconsciously Programmed in Your Head and Body  

4) Activating Your Intuition and Natural Gifts of Healing - Tapping Into Your Inner Wonder Woman

5) Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart –Releasing the Energy Blocks behind Anxiety and Depression

6) Healing Your Gut and Losing Your Belly – Clearing the Inflammation and Energy Blocks Triggering Food Sensitivities and Intolerances

7) Removing the Gremlin in Your Head – Shutting Down Your Inner Critic and Clearing all the Excuses and Negative Feedback 

8) Releasing Energy Blocks to Restore Your Adrenals, Hormones, Thyroid Function

9) Clearing the Root Causes of Your Obsessive and Compulsive Thoughts and Behaviors

10) Flipping the Script at Home and in the Office – Clearing the Negative Energies and Unhealthy Patterns Undermining Your Relationships  

11) Discover the Ultimate YOU - Living with Purpose and Passion 

12) Creating Your New Health Code - It’s Time for a New Vision 

2) Activating Your Medically Intuitive Gifts - Learn to map your personal Health Code and identify what programming you've downloaded from your ancestors, parents and your current life. Learn to use your intuitive gifts and find out what is impacting the 5 key areas of your life.   

The 5 Key Areas include:  

- Love
- Wealth
- Relationships
- Career
- Health

During this portion of the SuperMom MBA program you will work with your coaches and learn how to use your intuitive gifts to uncover and map out specific issues, imbalances and energy blocks that many women struggle with on a daily basis.    

This is one of the most valuable gifts you will ever activate! It's simply amazing to be able to map out the root causes of a wide variety of modern issues causing so much struggle and heartache. 

There are one to one and group coaching sessions, exercises, assessments, and webinars available through the coaching sanctuary each week to support this portion of the program. This is all designed to keep your momentum moving forward each week while making good use of everyone’s time and energy. 

3) Energy Medicine - Dialing in Your God Given Powers 

Our bodies are made up of many different fields of energy which can become out of balance. These imbalances can trigger both subtle and serious health issues. 

This 8 week mini course will teach you how to activate, focus and guide your God given healing energies so you can effect positive change in you and others.  

All the trapped emotional baggage and trauma from your past combined with unhealthy belief systems and that ungrateful inner critic are "Gremlins" that can cause energy imbalances throughout the body. 

During this mini course you will learn how to permanently clear these Gremlins. You will also learn how to direct your gifts of healing to:

  • Improve Sleep and Overcome Digestive Issues
  • Restore Adrenal Activity, Rebalance Hormones, Rejuvenate Thyroid Function 
  • Clear the Subconscious Mind of all the Unhealthy Downloads, Behaviors and Patterns
  • Clear Stress Triggers and Switch off the "Fight or Flight" Response Mode in the Nervous System
  • Stimulate Healthy Neuroplasticity in the Brain 
  • Clear the Root Causes of Headaches and Migraines
  • Rebalance the Microbiome in the Digestive Track
  • Reset Your Metabolism, Increase Energy and Lose Weight
  • Reset the Immune System to help Release Food and Chemical Allergies and Sensitivities  
  • And much more… 
The History of Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is often referred to as Energy Healing and Energy Balancing and is one of five areas of study of "complementary and alternative medicine" (CAM) identified by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) in the United States.  

Considered a “new” field in modern medicine, energy healing is separated into two categories by NCCAM.  
  • Energies that can be measured scientifically by our present standards, like electromagnetic therapy or therapy using sound waves, and
  • Energies that are not yet subject to our measurement—the subtle fields that are utilized in energy healing, acupuncture, Chi Gong, Ayurveda, homeopathy, Therapeutic Touch, prayer or distance healing, and similar modalities.
Energy medicine has been around for thousands of years and ancient societies had systems that identified healing/energy centers within the body. One of the reasons Energy Healing is so valuable today is that it can successfully address so many of the modern psychological and physical issues which are Not responding well to 15 minute doctor visits and another prescription.
The East Indians call the energy centers "chakras", which means “wheels of light.”  The Egyptians, the East Indians, the Chinese, the Greeks, and indigenous societies like the Native Americans (North and South) share similarities in their understanding of the energy centers of the body. The ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations had well-developed systems of spiritual energy healing, with many crossovers and similarities with the ancient East Indian and Chinese.

This course is delivered through a combination of one to one and group coaching sessions, exercises, assessments, and webinars each week. You will be encouraged to practice often with your new found energy healing gifts on yourself, kids and family.  Its completely safe and very exciting to learn. 

You will want to set aside 15-20 minutes a day for at least 4 days each week during the course so you can really begin to focus and activate your healing energies.    

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