The SuperMom Project  

Do you know anyone that’s been putting so much effort into taking care of their special needs child or elderly parent that they have totally neglected their own health?  

 Women, by a margin of almost 2 to 1 over men are becoming more stressed, fatigued and sick from a new generation of illnesses that are commonly misdiagnosed and mistreated. 

A modern reality for busy women today is that living in a fast paced, where you are "on call" 24/7 can easily lead to serious health issues, poor financial situations, jeopardized careers and broken relationships.

The Health Challenges Facing SuperMoms Are Extraordinary And Require New Solutions…And We Need Your Help


How Can You Help?

Your participation in The SuperMom Project is a wonderful opportunity to turn your challenges into something really special and positive that helps other families. 

Your involvement in this project will be truly therapeutic and will help improve and strengthen relationships among siblings, parents and those requiring special needs and extra attention.  

This is NOT a Health Study or Clinical Trial and we are NOT testing any drugs or supplements.   

What we are doing is…creating special wellness programs that are personalized to address immediate needs and the root causes. 

 How Would You Like To Get Back Your Spark, Sleep, Shape, Sass, and Sex?

Are 15-minute doctor visits and another prescriptions working for you?

If you would like to get back your Spark, Sleep, Shape, Sass and Sex…you will love the Wellness Retreats that are part of this unique project.

You will love the retreats and all the support of like minded, busy women. You will also love having your own wellness team including holistic MD’s, naturopathic doctors, wellness coaches and other alternative practitioners. 

Please, close out of your other browser windows, put your phone on silent, and take a couple of minutes to read this page.

It is THAT Important…

This Page is Your Invitation to Transform Yourself into the Passionate, Healthy, and Happy Woman that You KNOW You Can Be.

Reach Out To A Wellness Coach And Discuss The Project

Your Loved Ones Need You More Now Than Ever

Have you been living in the fast lane, working hard to “have it all”, but somehow between the medication and doctor’s visits, the gremlins in your head, processed foods, sugary drinks, caffeine and daily stress… you’ve lost your way?

The realities are that your health challenges have accumulated over the last 10-15 years or longer and there is no magic pill to make it go away.

I’m encouraging you right now to take a stand against poor health and the unhealthy pathway and downward spiral that you are on…and your family is on.

Are You Suffering From Any of the Following Health Challenges that are Affecting So Many Modern Women?

- Insomnia and Sleep Deprivation
- Chronic Stress and Burn Out
- Digestive Issues and Food Sensitivities
- Hormone Imbalances and Adrenal Fatigue

- Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Pain
- Anxiety and Depression
- Obsessive, Compulsive, Addictive and Destructive Behaviors
- Thyroid Dysfunction, Sudden Weight-Gain and Slow Metabolism
- Autoimmune Disorders and Toxic Overload

If You Are Suffering From Any of the Above Health Issues and 15 Minute Doctor Visits and Another Prescription Aren’t Getting to the Root of the Problem…This is the Solution You’ve Been Looking For.

What Kind of Outcomes Can I Expect?

The Top 10 Things You Can Expect:

  1. Feel and Look Like You’ve Had a Healthy Makeover (This is the Ultimate Anti Aging Program)
  2. Feel Mentally Sharp and Refreshed with a Brighter Perspective on Life
  3. A Calm Nervous System, Less Stress Triggers, Less Worry, Improved Relationships
  4. Have More Energy, Sleep More Peacefully and Feel More Rested and Optimistic
  5. Free of Digestive Issues and Food Sensitivities
  6. Feel Emotionally Lighter with Little to No Baggage Weighing You Down
  7. Improved Thyroid Function, Balanced Hormones and Healthy Adrenal Glands
  8. Be Free of Obsessive, Addictive and Destructive Behaviors
  9. Be Free of Pain and Lose Weight (If You Need To)
  10. Identify and Remove any Gremlins, Money Blocks, Career Roadblocks and Toxic Relationships
Reach Out To A Wellness Coach And Discuss The Project

Extra Bonuses - 

1) Learn How to Be Your Family's Wellness Coach and Health Advocate 

2) Imagine Learning What Really Triggered Your Child's Disabilities and What Alternative Treatment Options are Having Success 

3) Imagine Learning How to Help Your Elderly Mom Prevent that Urinary Tract Infection From Coming Back 

4) Imagine Finding the Right Combination of Vitamins and Minerals that Stop Your Dad's Dementia in it's Tracks. 

 5) Imagine a Super SpecialKids Camp where Your Special Needs Child can Receive the Wellness Support of an Entire Team of Holistic and Alternative Practitioners and Treatment Options. 

Why The SuperMom Project?     

We are organizing this project because we have world class doctors and surgeons, high tech diagnostic tools, great emergency rooms, the best operating equipment and beautiful new hospitals in this country.

Yet, we still have a society that is more overweight,
sleep deprived, depressed, fatigued and suffering from burn out just trying to juggle all the demands of our fast paced lifestyles.

We also have a whole new generation of illnesses that are seriously affecting women and their families …and unfortunately these illnesses are NOT always responding well to short 
doctors visits and another prescription.

Give Back in a Very Powerful Way

If you are a busy women feeling stressed out, nearly burned out, overwhelmed, frustrated or generally feeling like you’ve lost your purpose and passion in life. 

Please support this important project and use it as fuel that inspires your own wellness journey. Most of us need some inspiration and real motivation to make the changes we need to improve our health.

Helping yourself, your family and others is GREAT inspiration and provides a deep rooted sense of motivation that will help you stay on track and keep moving forward.

Think about that for a minute! By joining this project you will be part of a wellness community that provides the exact support you need to be successful.

Now is the time in your life to employ new, better and smarter ways to manage your health, strength, and well-being. Let’s do this together and make it happen!

The SuperMom Project is specifically for busy women like you and in association with the Health Design Institute.

Participating in our One on One Wellness Coaching programs or the Wellness Retreats or Camps will create success stories that will inspire other women to take action with the own health. 

The results will be used to consistently improve the wellness programs, educational content and the coaching tools. 

The lessons learned and success stories will help empower this exciting wellness movement.

If you’re ready to make a bigger difference for you and your family while helping others please take a minute and contact us.

Are You Ready to Support this Unique Project?

This may be one of the most important projects you’ve every been involved with. Please click on the button below and take less than a minute to let us know that you are ready and willing to participate.

We will be in touch with you within 24 hours so we can gather some basic info and set up a time to discuss in more detail. The SuperMom Project is NOT for everyone and there are a limited number of openings.

If you’re ready to make a difference for you and your family while helping others please take a minute and contact us with the link below. Or you can use our online appointment scheduler and set up an appointment to find out if one of our wellness programs is a good fit for you.  Thank You for your Interest…

Thomas R. Clay
Wellness Coach, Medical Intuitive and Energy Medicine Specialist
Founder of The SuperMom Project and 
Co-Author of the NEW Health Code Book Series

Reach Out To A Wellness Coach And Discuss The Project