Personalized Wellness 

Retreats and Camps

SuperMom's Retreat: A Wellness Event for the Special Needs Family   (12 Weeks)

Are You and Your Health Trapped in a Downward Spiral?

This unique wellness event is specially designed for those moms facing challenging issues at home.  Moms with special needs family members have needs that most people canít fathom. This retreat is ideal for helping super moms find their power and restore their own health and wellbeing.    

Being a Super Mom can easily crash your internal computer and overload your personal operating system. This includes draining your energy, knocking your hormones out of balance and wrecking your thyroid, among many other things. 

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The Super Special Kid's Camp   ( An Online Wellness Event - Private and Personalized)

Do you have a child struggling with a learning or physical disability? This virtual wellness camp is specially designed for kids with health issues and special needs.  This event is life changing for special kids, siblings and the parents. 

The Camp is designed to keep your child engaged weekly and moving forward on a personal journey that ultimately:

1) Improves their quality of life, including social skills and ability to learn

2) Expands their independence, including improving self-esteem and relationships 

3) Uncovers their unique gifts and interests, including activating their natural gifts of healing  

4) Improves their Motor Skills and Cognitive Functions 

5) Can improve their ability to find employment and interesting careers. 

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