Super Special Kids Camp

A Private and Personalized Virtual Wellness Event

A private and personalized virtual camp for children and adults (ages 6 and up) with mild to extensive learning and developmental challenges including Autism and ADHD to name a few. 

This 16-week virtual expedition camp is a fun adventure that will activate your child’s natural gifts of healing, improve their quality of life and expand their independence.  

Special needs kids often have a keen interest in the human body and what makes it work. They also have gifts of intuition that attract them to nature, animals, the earth, and stars.  You could say that they have an extraordinary sense of energy surrounding them.

For example, special needs kids can feel negative emotions more quickly and intensely when their parents, caregivers or teachers are upset. It’s not unusual for kids to “act out” with aggressive or disruptive behaviors in class rooms where the teacher is unhappy or projecting negative energy. 

It’s not unusual for boys to act out at home around their dads who may not show much patience or understanding.  In other words, special needs kids are very perceptive and energetically connected to the environment around them.  

This is very important because as parents we can help recognize and create positive  environments for our kids to heal, thrive, learn and grow. What’s even more important is that that these kids often respond very well to certain types of Energy Medicine therapies and treatments.  There is an expanding field of medicine referred to as Energy Medicine that is demonstrating promising results addressing mental, physical and emotional issues common among special needs families.      

“Energy Medicine is the Next Great Frontier of Medicine”Mehmet Oz, Chief of Cardiology, Columbia University School of Medicine 

With this in mind, it’s highly advantageous for parents to find ways to change the dynamics in the family and find the means to create positive, energetic environments for their special needs children to heal.  

And, one means of doing that is to activate their natural gifts of healing utilizing our Super Special Kids Camp that combines personalized energy therapies and engaging activities to help them develop their gifts and improve their lives. 

    Yes! I'd Like To Speak with a Wellness Coach and Determine if the Super Special Kids Camp is a Good Fit for Our Family!
    This is why we call the program a camp. It’s fun, stimulating, flexible and the more they engage, the more they learn to manage their thoughts and behaviors. 

    When you combine these activities with Energy Medicine therapies, you and your child are in a position to transform how they live, learn and interact. Utilizing these proven therapies, we help uncover any hidden emotional and physical barriers undermining your child’s development. 

    For example, we’ve found many kids struggling with Autism and other disabilities have a concentration of heavy metals and environmental toxins that form a “toxic brew” that affects various parts of the nervous system and brain. 

    You will be excited to learn that the “toxic brew” can be safely removed using energy therapy during the camp. Once the brain and the body are free of the “toxic brew” your child’s body can begin developing in ways you may have thought unimaginable before.  

    "Your body is designed to heal itself. The ability of a body to maintain its health and overcome illness is, in fact, among nature's most remarkable feats."- from Energy Medicine, Donna Eden and David Feinstein's award-winning guide to Energy Medicine

    We've also found that many special needs children have trapped emotions, food intolerances, and chemical sensitivities. Once these issues are resolved, many of your child’s symptoms and negative behaviors will dissipate over time.  Every child is different and unique, and so are the family dynamics involved with this process. So, there are No Guarantees on how fast symptoms may dissipate or behaviors will improve.  


    Is it Good to Have Hope?

    One thing is for sure; it’s important that parents and caregivers never stop looking for treatment options and therapies that may help their special needs children. New therapies and treatment options are being developed every week, and it’s important to stay positive and optimistic. 

    When we were developing this Super Special Kids camp program, some people were concerned that parents might get their hopes up too high and be disappointed if it didn’t transform their child. I can say as a parent of two kids that were both gifted and had special needs, that one of my greatest strengths was HOPE. 

    I had unwavering hope and complete confidence that someday I would find the root causes of my children’s issues. And that I would find a therapy or combination of therapies that would transform how they live, learn and interact. 

    I can now say with great enthusiasm and excitement that this hope and confidence has lead me and sustained me over the last 20 years. And yes, I’m happy to say that I found, learned, practiced and implemented a combination of therapies that have transformed my two children that are now a healthy 20 and 16.  

    Yes! I'd Like To Speak with a Wellness Coach and Determine if the Super Special Kids Camp is a Good Fit for Our Family!