The SuperMom Retreat  

"Activate Your Inner Wonder Woman"  

This unique wellness event is specially designed for those moms facing extra challenging issues at home. 

If you are one of the millions of moms taking care of a child with a serious health issue or special are one of our SuperMoms!  

If you are one of the millions of mothers that have raised your kids and now you have grand kids or elderly parents that have special needs you are one of our SuperMoms.  

Being a Super Mom today is harder than ever and unfortunately thousands of moms every week are losing their ability to take care of the love ones that need them the most. 

Divorce rates and health problems are affecting SuperMoms at a higher rate than other moms. 

This a major problem and can't be ignored. The chronic stress of being "on call" and hyper alert 24/7 is draining adrenal glands, zapping energy, knocking hormones out of balance and wrecking the thyroid. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of a downward spiral and entire pathway of illnesses that can be very serious and life changing.     

Give Yourself 12 Weeks of Self-Care
and Give You and Your Family a Healthier, Happier Life

Yes! I'd Like To Speak with a Wellness Coach and Determine if the SuperMom Retreat is a Good Fit for Me!

Imagine learning how to improve your loved one's health and quality of life while re-energizing your own adrenal glands, balancing your hormones and restoring thyroid function.

Moms participating in the retreat will learn how alternative treatment options including holistic energy medicine techniques that can help the entire family cope and regain their health.  

You will learn how to be the family’s wellness coach and to use proven techniques to improve your kid's ability to learn and communicate while minimizing meltdowns, eliminating outbursts, and more.

If you have a friend or family member that is a SuperMom, please share this unique Wellness Retreat. Please don’t wait until you or one of your friends hits the wall and crashes before seeking support and guidance.

Does Your SuperMom Lifestyle Have an Unhealthy Domino Effect?

If So, the Good News Is…
It’s NOT YOUR FAULT that You Feel This Way

Let’s turn this around and start moving in the right direction. Starting your personalized wellness retreat may be the best thing you’ve every done for yourself and your family. 

Imagine a Wellness Program That’s Interesting, Fun and Highly Effective!

Personalized just for you and your Special Family! Let's face it...You have a Special Family and you need Special Powers to stay well and be there for them. 

An Invitation to You and Your Family

You will enjoy the support of an accountability partner, designated coaches and the entire SuperMom's community.

As you move through the weekly workshops and exercises with your wellness team they will support you every step of the way.  

After the 12 week retreat is completed your wellness team will continue to support you and help create your personalized wellness plan. Your wellness plan provides the step by step road map so you can confidently continue your wellness journey knowing that it’s been laid out for you, step by step.

In addition to the 24 live online workshops over the initial 12 weeks, you will have:

  •  Access to 6 one on one coaching sessions
  •  Unlimited email access to your wellness coaches 
  •  6 additional live workshops over another 12 weeks so you can extend your retreat if you want to address additional issues      

This Retreat is ideal for families struggling with:

Asperger's Syndrome 


Down Syndrome

Learning Challenges

Physical Challenges 

Elderly Parents with Health Issues

Bi Polar Disorder

Anxiety and Depression


Food Allergies and Sensitivities  

Spouse with Physical and/or Emotional Issues

Separation and Divorce

"Flipping the Script"

The unfortunate reality of taking care of loved ones with special needs is that loving relationships can get severely strained and divorce rates and other family issues tend to be higher than normal. 

This retreat will help women find new and improved ways to communicate, love and interact with their partner, siblings and the ones requiring special attention.  Think of this as ”Flipping the Script”, to a much more positive and proactive dynamics with everyone involved.  

Life changing success stories are being created for moms, dads, the elderly, special needs children and their siblings. This event will impact the entire family and lift those SuperMoms up emotional, physically, spiritually and mentally! 

This retreat runs 12 consecutive weeks with a maximum of 30 participants. Each participant walks away feeling like their lives are experiencing a transformation full of spiritual energy and sacred healing. 

Your SuperMom Retreat is Offered in 12 Weekly Themed Modules with 2 Interactive Energy Workshops Each Week

Each week of your retreat offers a special theme and two, 60 minute interactive group workshops that help you transform your health quickly and gracefully.  

The twice weekly workshops are designed so the challenges and issues most personal for you and your family can be addressed effectively.  The good news is that you can attend the workshops live or recorded and still receive amazing benefits. 

So, if your daily schedule has to be adjusted because 'things happen" and you can't make the live workshop, No worries, it's Not a Problem.  Plus, we encourage you to revisit workshops often and practice using the energy tools as often as possible. The more you practice with the tools the quicker you will get results.   

In addition to the weekly workshops you will have access to 2 private and personal coaching sessions each month for a total of 6. These coaching sessions "roll over" so if you don't utilize them each month during the retreat you can take advantage at a later date. 

The workshops and private coaching sessions are available for a total of 6 months from registration so you don't need to stress if you can't complete the retreat during the initial 12 weeks. 

The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is understated in today’s health care climate.

We have created each of the following weekly modules, so they can be delivered via a combination of a printed Playbook, an online coaching sanctuary, “spa type” treatments, interactive group wellness activities and one on one wellness coaching sessions.

The following are The SuperMom Retreat weekly modules: 

1) Self Love – Raising Your Energetic Frequency so you can Live in a Daily State of Love, Joy and Peace 

2) Self Care is Not Selfish - Breaking Free from Unhealthy Belief Systems and Negative Patterns 

3) Out Smarting Stress and Reclaiming Your Sleep - Clearing Stress Triggers Subconsciously Programmed in Your Head and Body  

4) Activating Your Intuition and Natural Gifts of Healing - Tapping Into Your Inner Wonder Woman

5) Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart –Releasing the Energy Blocks behind Anxiety and Depression

6) Healing Your Gut and Losing Your Belly – Clearing the Inflammation and Energy Blocks Triggering Food Sensitivities and Intolerances

7) Removing the Gremlin in Your Head – Shutting Down Your Inner Critic and Clearing all the Excuses and Negative Feedback 

8) Releasing Energy Blocks to Restore Your Adrenals, Hormones, Thyroid Function

9) Clearing the Root Causes of Your Obsessive and Compulsive Thoughts and Behaviors

10) Flipping the Script at Home and in the Office – Clearing the Negative Energies and Unhealthy Patterns Undermining Your Relationships  

11) Discover the Ultimate YOU - Living with Purpose and Passion 

12) Creating Your New Health Code - It’s Time for a New Vision  

 Bonus Module:  Becoming the Wellness Coach and Health Advocate for Your Home and/or Office   

Our Promise to You

We promise that your SuperMom Retreat will be transformational and address the issues that are the highest priority to you and your special needs family.   

We promise that you will feel lighter emotionally with a renewed sense of happiness.

We promise you will feel an overall sense of wellbeing and happiness that you haven’t had in years.

We promise to help you clear those Gremlins hiding in your subconscious mind and nervous system that are triggering stress and illness in you and your family.

We promise constant Support from Coaches who “get it” and Help You Stay on Track.

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I'm a single mom, working in the finance industry and have a 14 year old daughter at home with Autism. Sometimes I feel like I need super powers just to get through the day

On top of all the normal struggles of being a single mom, working and trying to be there for my special daughter, I work in a toxic environment with people that don't understand what I'm going through. 

To say that I was stressed out was an understatement. I’m happy to give this testimonial because the SuperMom Retreat was great for me mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  It helped me de-stress and my coaches encouraged and supported me every step of the process.

The healing process started slow but each week I felt like I was gaining momentum and by the end of the 12 weeks it was life changing. I felt so
much better and I learn so much about energy medicine that I signed up my daughter for the Super Special Kids Retreat.  

-Samatha in Chicago

Yes! I'd Like To Speak with a Coach and Determine if the Wellness Camp is a Good Fit for Me!

Another Success Story

“I didn’t realize it but I was in the process of crashing and burning out”

“I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances and suffered from anxiety and depression. I Googled these terms trying to learn more and committed to finding an alternative solution so I wouldn’t be on prescription meds the rest of my life. I didn’t realize it but I was a super mom and I was in the process of crashing and burning out. 

“The wellness retreat helped open my eyes to how my body, mind and spirit work together to program my health. I never realized how much our life experiences in earlier years literally program our health, wealth and overall success in life. The gremlins stuck in my head were not good for me and I was happy to release them from my subconscious mind. I truly loved the wellness program and can honestly say it changed my life.

Amy B
in New Orleans

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